Rarity Gallery was established in 1994 by its two curators Vassilis Matsaidonis and Christos Nikolaou, who have dedicated their artistic mission to sharing contemporary artists with the public. Spearheaded by their own personal knowledge and passion for art, their goal is to offer an original and carefully curated aesthetic experience aimed at strengthening the public’s appreciation for contemporary art, whilst honouring the artists, their exposure and their reputation.

Set within the impressive backdrop of an early 20th century Mykonian manor house, the gallery is divided into five rooms each one following a distinct thematic narrative, whilst altogether remaining in constant visual communication. The exhibits vary between the works of established figures of the international art scene and a newer generation of emerging, talented and promising artists.

Credited with being the first to bring artists Juilan Opie, Carole Feuerman, Patrick Hughes, Hunt Slonem, Sean Henry, to name a few to Greece, the curators Vassilis and Christos have an unparalleled eye for talent and persist on promoting gifted up-and-coming international artists.


20-22 N. Kalogera Str., 846 00 Mykonos

+30 2289 025761