Sharing art provides inspiration. Here are the upcoming exhibitions for July, at Mykonos’ top galleries, that will fuel our mind and satisfy our constant search for beauty.

You can start counting: A “Born Wild” french sculptor; a sophisticated expressionist; a postwar and contemporary Belgian painter; an artist whose body of work is based on improvisation and imagination; a passionate art, fashion and surf lover; an Amsterdam-based sculptor and painter; and a selected group of contemporary Greek artists who reinvent ancient symbols and myths, combined with today’s popular culture.

What do these established artists have in common? Besides their huge range of creativeness, they have Mykonos island as a creative and unique platform. Four outstanding galleries will host in July the most incredible exhibitions.

And “All About Mykonos” picked out the art scene’s hottest names. So, save the dates.

Dio Horia Art Gallery

  • Solo show, “Those Little Things” of Javier Calleja (till July 24).

Kapopoulos Fine Arts

(from left) Cédric Bouteiller, Richard Orlinski, Caroline De Souza.

Rarity Gallery

(from left) Adam Handler, Jan De Vliegher.

HOFA Gallery Mykonos

Skoufa Gallery Mykonos