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All About Mykonos

Your exclusive guide for Mykonos

ALL ABOUT MYKONOS is the ultimate online destination for anyone interested in traveling to the island of Mykonos and for those who are already on the island, visiting. Updated daily, the website is an eclectically curated selection of the most exciting choices one has on the island. Hotels, resorts, restaurants, activities, beaches, even developments and investment opportunities as well as social events and parties. Everything this unique island has to offer to the discerning traveller, presented in a user-friendly, contemporary way that will inform you constantly regarding “ALL ABOUT MYKONOS”

ALL ABOUT MYKONOS was launched in 2019 by a team of well respected Greek professionals in the fields of media, interior design & architecture. All content is constantly carefully edited by this team of professionals, thus ensuring the highest quality possible of the information provided.

A trip to Mykonos is a lifetime experience and ALL ABOUT MYKONOS is here to enhance it.
The ultimate online destination for the ultimate island destination.

ALL ABOUT MYKONOS readers are innovators in their professional lives, passionate about traveling. International influencers on a constant quest of new, exquisite experiences. In their majority.

Magda Tsolaki Deloudi
Editor in Chief