Dio Horia is an art gallery for contemporary art and culture that was inaugurated in 2015. Founded by Marina Vranopoulou, Dio Horia gallery supports artists in the development and exhibition of their work. Dio Horia gallery strives to be at the forefront of cultural experimentation both in Greece and the world beyond, by representing young emerging artists from small peripheral countries. At the same time, Dio Horia platform runs an international residency program and also organizes group shows and publications with established and emerging artists that have not exhibited in Greece. Finally, Dio Horia engages in collaborative projects developed as a result of associations with artists, curators, non-profit organizations and cultural carriers.

The name Dio Horia is inspired by a book by Greek architect Aris Konstantinidis entitled Dio Horia from Mykonos, where the phrase “Dio Horia” means both “two spaces” and “two villages”. These two spaces metaphorically symbolize the art gallery and the residency program and the two villages portray its target audiences who are both educated art collectors but also the non initiated art public.


Panahra Sq., Chora, Mykonos 846 00

+30 2289 026429
+30 694 600 8817