So beautiful and wild, settled on a magical location, the reconstructed, by Airtec Constructions, “Wild Hotel” overlooks a miniature beach with a tranquil and scenic port that highlights the nature of Mykonos island.

The hotel complex “The Wild Hotel” aroused from the reconstruction and the expansion of the old complex of rental rooms in the area of Agia Anna Kalafati in Mykonos, which is located in the most untreated, pure and wild area of the island. It is spread at the slope of the mountain at the bay of Kalafatis, with views of the sea and direct access to a small sandy beach of special natural beauty.

With 35 new suites, five villas and a lobby area, oriented in a way to overview the sea, the design is based on the overhaul of the existing structure aiming at the best possible capitalization of the established buildings for the development of the maximum number of comfortable luxurious rooms.

The buildings, developed in five levels, as they extend amphitheatrically following the morphology of the natural land, give the chance to the visitor to enjoy the view of the sea from every part of this beautiful hotel. The reception and public areas are situated at the lowest level, by the sea, while at the highest levels you can find luxurious suites.

Essential design decision in the formulation of the aspects of the hotel was the conservation of the characteristics of the traditional Cycladic architecture and the appearance of the special features of Mykonos. As a result, accommodation areas are hosted in typical white masses with individual yards, while public areas are developed in stony masses.

The aesthetic, followed by the development and the decoration of the interior space, with Cycladic references combined with modern traits and creating a special designed area. The materials that dominate such as the beton cire, built benches, wooden furniture, broad wooden frames and shadows by processed aging oak, handmade painted tiles in vivid colors, ceramic dividers in a natural hue, and more.

All coatings materials are eco-friendly, while hues are earthly and light-colored so that they can amplify brightness, calmness and a sense of relaxation.

By the same aspect, the public space of the hotel consists of an area with special dynamic, which can function either as an independent interior space, or, by opening the exterior frames, to be united with the exterior area of the pool and function as a single space. The floor is coated with big, differently sized tiles from oxidized sheet metal allow, once again, to the visitor connection of the area with the natural environment while furniture of brand designers and unique objects decorate the space.

The fluidity -which characterizes the surrounding area of the pool and the organic shape as well-, follows the liquid Mykonian morphology while the bar and the outdoor breakfast area wake up memories of traditional, family taverns of a Cycladic island. At the same time, materials used such as quartz sand, stones and cobblestones in earthly hues, investments with natural canes and wickers, stocky trunks of walnuts in pergolas and verandas, gravel from broken stone of the Mykonian land and others, are trying once again the connection of the designed area combined with the harmony of the natural elements.

Special emphasis has been given to the planting of the outdoor area which is either being used as a division element or as an optical protection element of the suites. Sometimes it can also be decorated. Greek plants as locusts, bougainvilleas, bushes, and herbs were chosen, which emerge in the area the aroma of the Greek tradition.

Airtec is a construction company founded on 1994 by Vassilis Karavas, an electrical-mechanical engineer and Sofia Apergi, architect, and possesses specialized and long term experience in the complete building construction in the private sector. In recent years, Matina Karava, Architect Engineer and Marinos Karavas, Civil Engineer are participating also, as share holders, in the company.

Airtec spesializes in the following fields:

– Construction of contemporary building projects in the private sector.
– Building reconstruction, renovation and restoration.
– Real estate development.
– Construction of energy stations.


In addition to the above-mentioned project and Airtec’s activities in Greece, the company has undertaken and accomplished many constructions in Mykonos, including The Nimbus Hotel, My Aktis Luxury Suites & Villas, My Mykonos Hotel, Commercial Center “My Mall” and many private residences.

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