Vassilis Zoulias needs no introduction. Everyone in Greece -and lately in Hollywood- knows the couturier who has served faithfully over the years noble style and old-school femininity. He is of course a Mykonos lover!

Favorite beach: Fragkia.

Best sunset: Scorpios.

Best memory: Back in 1979, when I set foot for first time on the island.

Best memories associated with your work: It’s the fashion show by the legendary Greek designer BILLY BO in 1980, that took place at Mykonos’ little theater.

New best memory that you would like to create: My boutique.

Best company on the island: Mykonos is an island where you can go everywhere alone, but never feel alone…

Mykonos by day or by night? Definitely by day, lately…

Favorite restaurant: Fokos.

Favorite bar: Classic Astra.

Share with us an “only in Mykonos” experience you had: Only in Mykonos back in the days… you could see so many beautifully dressed men and women.

Do not leave Mykonos before you / without…: Do not leave Mykonos without visiting Maroulina’s house-museum.

(clockwise) When in Mykonos: Vassilis Zoulias with the British former super model Fiona von Thyssen, his friend and fashion designer Orsalia Parthenis, the jewelry designer Pericles Kondylatos and Kirat Young, one of Yves Saint Laurent’s muses.
All images courtesy of Vassilis Zoulias.