Six solo exhibitions and four residencies that bring contemporary art practice and discourse right in the heart of the Cyclades.

Contemporary artists are sometimes like magicians: they know the way to share their stories through their work. When we visit an exhibition, we are not only observers but we could be open to continue in our own way the artwork we are looking to; we could emphasize on the way in which we can reshape ourselves; continue the artist’s stories through our own imagination, in order to discover -within us- something new (or old, why not?). That could be a way how art can work subconsciously.

And that’s exactly is what will happen this Summer at “Dio Horia” Contemporary Art Platform. We as visitors have only one thing to do: to be open. 

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(Images from left) Amir Fallah: Residency Show (August 23 – September 30), Caroline Larsen: Cyclades (May 24 – June 26), Javier Calleja: Residency show (June 28 – July 24).
(Images from left) Joakim Ojanen: Residency show (July 25 – August 23), Spyros Aggelopoulos: Donut Factory (July 25 – August 16), Sam Friedman: Residency show (July 25 – August 23).