I am Magda, the driving force behind All About Mykonos. I am planning to share with you all things Mykonos that make this fabulous island so gorgeous, unbeatable and vibrant. Join me on this adventure around the Cycladic paradise for a continuous up to date experience on all things Mykonos!

Favorite first thing to do every time you are on the island, as soon as I exit the ferry I open the car window and I breathe in the fresh air. I just love the freshness of it and the subtle smell of spices and sea salt.

Favorite beachKalafatis & Agia Anna of Kalafatis – possibly preoccupied since I am lucky enough to reach them on foot anytime of the day!

Best sunset, sipping a cocktail in Little Venice – unfortunately it is something I do not do as often as I would wish.

Best cocktail, Aroma for an aperitivo drink before dinner, it is a never-ending and inspirational people-watching.

Best memory, last summer when we first swam together with our baby son Giannis in the waters of Kalafatis.

New best memory that you would like to create, wandering around the Matogiannia streets of Chora with a bigger family next summer.

Best company on the island, my husband Konstantinos is the best company. He occasionally gives his spot to our guests from abroad, we love having over our friends, especially when they are visiting the island for the first time.

I love showing them around, treating them the Mykonos Experience.

Mykonos by day or by night? By Day and by the beach! Ever since we became a family our time schedule changed dramatically and so did our habits. It is a bless I cherish since I have been discovering new charms in Mykonos.

Favorite restaurant, I just love Kastro’s in Little Venice and Beef Bar at Bill&Coo. They both combine great food, service and setting.

Favorite bar, ASTRA forever and ever.

Share with us an “only in Mykonos” experience you had, I remember partying for the first time at age 18 at Cavo Paradiso with my girlfriends. DJs were SO big at the time and I think it was already noon next day when the previous night’s party finally ended.

What a place and an experience one can only live in Mykonos and only at such a young age, when we are full of life, restlessness and curiosity!